Field Medix
We at Field Medix understand that the business of technology can be frustrating. This is why we offer a range of services that are designed to make our customers life easier.
Our complete service organization offers Field Services, Network Cabling, Local and Wide Area Network's, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Audio Visual (AV),  Printer Repair, Depot Repair, Inventory Management as well as Parts Warehousing and Distribution.
Whatever industry, whatever the size of the company, we will bring a high quality of service and a secure solution that is easy to implement and use.

In an intensifying competitive service landscape, we have been considered a Best-in-Class service firm.


Customers look to us as a contract management tool for increasing service contract compliance, managing customers' expectations and increasing the percent of revenue derived from service contracts. As such, we are constantly taking steps to better automate our future and existing customers' with their contract management functions while integrating them with service execution.


We at Field Medix have identified that compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and a mandate to increase service revenue were top of mind for all customers’.


We have addressed these pressures with the proper mix of technology, personalized customer service and strategic partnerships.


We at Field Medix provide Information Technology professionals for support, consulting and field services through specifically tailored services that cover all phases of your technical needs.


We are a complete technology service organization offering:

·        Field Service

·        Local and Wide Area Networks

·        Network Cabling

·        Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

·        Audio Visual (AV)

·        Printer Repair

·        Depot Repair

·        Inventory Management

·        Part Warehousing and Distribution


Whether your company is a small growing organization or a giant in an industry, we have the expertise to keep you and, or your customer up and running and to keep your cost under control. Programs for cost reduction are just a phone call away.


Whether servicing your company directly, or your customers as a representative of your company, Field Medix understands the importance of excellence. Let us put our technical expertise and "Customer First" philosophy to work for you, in reducing your maintenance cost and increase profit to your bottom line.

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